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Do you have a request for a custom piece? I'm happy to make it for you!


Fill out the below questionnaire, and I'll respond with a quote or follow up questions. 

Depending on the complexity of the request, and availability of materials, custom orders can take anywhere from 1 week - 2 months to complete. Along with your quote, I will also provide an outline on the timeline for work to be completed.

Interested in one of my custom unique and affordable Mama Love Pendants?

Click here for info on these special pieces! 

Custom Request

Thanks for submitting! I will respond soon.

Processing time can vary based on multiple factors, including how many other custom orders I'm working on. During a slower time, it could take me as little as a week, but in peak periods it could be up to 2 months. When you request a quote, I will also provide a timeline for work provided. Feel free to reach out to me to see what my current processing time looks like! 

Updated 11/5/2019 - My current processing time is 1-2 weeks! 

Payment: For pieces less than $50, full payment (including shipping, if less than $35) is required before I start creating the piece. For any custom order over $50, a 50% deposit on the cost of the item is required upfront for me to start work. Once work is completed, full payment plus shipping charges are required for me to ship the item.

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